LONGER CAMEL SAFARI: (with a sundowner)

Rs 2,500 per person +18% tax per person

Duration : 2/ 2.30 Hours.

Mount your camel and head out into the Thar Desert passing lush green agricultural fields of Mustard, Castor, Chilly, Cumin and Peanuts. You will also get the chance to see desert birdlife like peacocks, sand grouse and partridges, as well as wildlife, such as the Indian Gazelle – the Chinkara, and the Blue Bull, Asia’s largest antelope.

A thirty minute ride brings you to a remote tribal village dwelling, where you have the rare opportunity to interact with the locals and see their way life. Ride on to witness a spectacular sunset from atop one of the desert’s largest sand dunes. Here you will sundowners as the sunset provides you with the photo opportunity of a lifetime. Our jeeps will transport you back to the camp.


Rs 700 per person +18% tax per person
Duration: 1.30 Hrs.

Mount your Camel and head out into the desert and marvel as the sun paints the dunes gold and pink before disappearing below the horizon.

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